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Nest Thermostats

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Nest App says Aux Heat is on, but thermostat says no

My Nest thermostat is at least 4 years old and worked well during the very cold weather we had at Christmas time. Now today with the temp outside being 49degrees my phone app is saying that I am using Aux Heat to set my house for 67 degrees and it st...

Nita29 by Community Member
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Not Working Properly

We have forced (electric) heat. We hooked up the Nest Thermo and it kicks on but will not shut off after reaching temperature. I even tell it to turn off in app, the fans continue to run; we have to remove faceplate of thermo and remove wires to get ...

granny2-2 by Community Member
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nest heating problems

HelloI have a problem with my nest.For last few days in a heating Mode set at 18°C, it heating above 28°C

krzys by Community Member
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E260 Error in Hot air, gas fired furnace

I have a Honeywell Thermostat with wiring as depicted. I hooked up the Nest and keep getting E260 error. The Blue wire is Common but the no power to Y continues. It is a heat only, forced hot air system. Any ideas?

Thermo Wiring.jpg

E296 error during cold snaps

During the recent cold snap, the perfectly working thermostat went crazy. It started saying that a brand new batter is low among other things. But the main one was the E296 error ( No power to Y1 wire detected (cold weather shutoff)). This cause my f...

bhimabi by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Inconsistent schedules across Nest interfaces

Can somebody tell me why there's a discrepancy between the schedule on the app and on the web?Here is my schedule on both... As you can see there's half a degree difference between some. It looks to me that the app is correct as the Thermostat goes t...

Google Nest Thermostat - web schedule.png Google Nest Thermostat - App schedule.jpeg
dartiss by Community Member
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