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Offline thermostat

My nest app keeps disconnecting making the thermostat offline. Wi-Fi and connection is fine but it’s never dropped out all the time. I also can’t transfer to google home as it just wants to setup as a new thermostat process

Newly installed Nest blowing cold air instead of hot

Hi there, I just installed a brand new Nest Learning thermostat and our system is now blowing cool air when the heat is turned on. I'm also trying to upload images but the Nest support system is not allowing it, so I'm posting the pre and post config...

A_Lew by Community Member
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Zero response from Google!!!!

Close to giving up all faith with Google over their customer service! Have tried calling multiple times and been using the call back service - once on hold for over an hour and the other time about 45 minutes, before each time having to give up. Logg...

ChrisNW by Community Member
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Heat pump with AUX

Got this nest a while back right after the winter of last year. About to start getting cold and I want to make sure I have this setup right. I have a heat pump outside and Aux coils. I have it on single fuel. That correct?

Resolved! A second motion sensor with Nest Thermostat?

I have an AirBnB downstairs. Is there a motion sensor I can install there, so that when someone is there, it turns the heat up? I don't want to move my Nest Thermostat down there -- I want to keep that on my floor. Thanks.

gnc91745 by Community Member
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Resolved! Best power connector

I have dual zone heat/cool forced air furnace. Do I need two Nest power connectors for Nest thermostats

Hes by Community Member
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