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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat compatible

Good Morning,I would appreciate some help with the wiring.I bought the new Google Nest Thermostat model G4CVZ.My current Honeywell SuitePRO TB8575A1000 has R, W/Y, Y/A, Gi, Gm, Gh, C.Any ideas on how to do the wiring?

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aalonzo by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

I bought a home with this thermostat, and will travel cross country to move in. The seller took this picture after putting batteries in, but the error message is still there and I have no way of knowing if it is even working. I'm wondering if it will...

Bluefield by Community Member
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Nest hot water not controlling boiler and not working

  Good afternoon everyone. I have just moved into a house that’s just been renovated by the previous owners. We have no contact with them unfortunately so we have had to find our own way with everything without help. They have installed nest thermost...

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Nest thermostat

I have a neat system worked great have two thermostat one upstairs works fine one downstairs that is offline but my heating is on so can’t use it and have to control heating from the boiler by turning it on and off have reset it and still the same I ...

3ree by Community Member
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More than one person using app to control Nest?

Sorry, this may appear a stupid question but I generally control my Nest (3rd gen) (is that the same as 'Nest Learning Thermostat here in the UK?) from the Nest app on my phone. Can my husband also download the app and then control the Nest in the sa...

Hedgie by Community Member
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Can't stop heating at night

Hello,We have a new Nest thermostat. Latest version I think.I have scheduled the heating to be on from 0600 to 1900 each day. However, the heating comes on at random times through the night and wakes me up. Is there some setting I need to turn off to...

Need help with my nest thermostat

Hello my My nest thermostat stopped working with my phone I try to connect I couldn’t then I get a message saying failed to connect see

Mike6080 by Community Member
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Hot Water scheduler not kicking in

Hello,can anyone help? We’ve had a nest home for four years and it has worked like clockwork until four days ago…. Now the program schedule for hot water isn’t kicking in automatically like it should. The boiler light doesn’t come on and I have no ho...