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Nest Thermostats

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Why does Nest say my system is not compatible?

Hello all, I need some help.My house is less than a year old and I'm replacing a Honeywell U Lyric T6 Pro/TH6220WF2006.The compatibility checker is saying that my system is not compatible with the Google Nest 3 learning thermostat I just bought. Ever...

DEVOE-IV by Community Member
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Thermostat- Heat Setting

My thermostat has decided it likes to run at 73 degrees, but I don’t set it that warm myself. Too warm for me! I have lowered the temp with both the app on my phone and the hub station. I’ll notice the room is too warm and wouldn’t you know, the beas...

Laurie23 by Community Member
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Temp Sensors driving me nuts

I recently bought a home with a Nest thermostat and 3 temp sensors installed.After getting the thermostat online I connected the 3 sensors in their original locations. Within a few days they had all lost connection. I had to delete and reinstall to g...

RookStar by Community Member
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Scheduled time on

I have been using Nest Learning Thermostat for years. I have a daily schedule to switch on heating at 8am at 20CUp until a week ago, doing this meant that the Nest would turn on the heating an hour or so BEFORE 8am so that the boiler got the room up ...

Heat link dead

Came home and heat link dead, no lights nothing. H71 error but after all I’ve read I’m guessing it’s a new heat link unit’s only 2 yrs old! any know how I get just the heat link unit? no heating and it’s mid winter!!! Can’t believe there ...

CGoff by Community Member
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Why can't you just leave the W and G wires swapped?

My Nest doesn't automatically turn on the fan when heating and cooling. However, if I swap the W and G wires it will work properly and turn the fan on automatically when heating and cooling. A Google Nest tech told me I cannot leave the wires this wa...

antderosa by Community Member
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Thermostat no longer available from different router

Nest thermostat more than 30 days offline. I have no direct access to my home internet or thermostat - out of country. How do I regain access to remote control of my thermostat (no one home who can do this)? Thanks!

Slyngang by Community Member
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Poor service and products

I will never buy a nest product again. This is the second nest thermostat that has broken. I was on vacation and came back to the batteries and unit over heating. Unfortunately when I got home and called customer service I was 1 day past the warranty...

Dylang09 by Community Member
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Nest subase

I installed a Nest thermostat my customer supplied, it looked new, but as soon as I put my wire in the Y1 terminal it would start the AC system. I double checked the wiring, everything was fine. It's a simple 1 heat/1 cool system. I put the old stat ...