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Nest learning thermostat completely dead

My nest learning thermostat has been working great until noticed it showed offline So I have worked and worked now for hours to try to get on line, every device in home is on line, now completely dead!!! No lights no nothing total darkness on dial

Bigroy by Community Member
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Nest wiring Help

I’m installing a Nest Thermostat . I only have Rc and W wires coming from the old Thermostat .How do I can connect?

Jefff by Community Member
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Resolved! Heatlink replacement

Hello, have had my heatlink replaced but now the heating seems to operate independently of the thermostat. The system seems to be permanently on and not running to the schedule set in the app. What should I do please?

How to change email

Trying to change the email my Nest account is connected to. Previous email is no longer active and when I try to log in, the two step verification is sending a code to my old email. Help!!

732buck by Community Member
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Looking to replace our current thermostat with a new nest ( 3rd gen) product but we heat with geothermal with propane as a back up for when the geothermal needs to increase more than a degree or two. Does anyone know if both heat sources can be added...

Megz by Community Member
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Thermostat Display shows not Entry Key

Have a 2nd iPhone which I want to also use to control thermostat settings. Thermostat shows it connect to an account (an iPhone) but provides no entry key value. How do I obtain the Entry Key? Can only one phone be used?

Nest thermostat e - heater on only above 22/23c

I have this in the kitchen and only turns on of i manually change above to the temperature of the house which is never right. Therefore the auto schedule is uselles because if is 20 the heaters never goes on. How to fix it?

Zhivagouk by Community Member
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