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Nest Thermostats

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Thermostat not talking to boiler

Had heating engineer and electrician out and thermostat is On but cannot get the boiler to switch on unless I do it manually to boiler. Any ideas?

Gillian23 by Community Member
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Nest drops hot water connection

Please help me! I am absolutely fed up of my Nest losing connection with my boiler and control of the hot water. Every few months we have this issue and find out with a cold shower. It tends to last days/ weeks until the system corrects itself. I sti...

Heat link is dead(Holland)

Hi. My heat link suddenly has died. No electric signals anymore. Doe not respond to anything. When i look for it it seems to be a world wide problem with endless complaints my device is 2years and 1 month old. And the shop where i bought it does not ...

Nest thermostat got removed from google home

From my google home nest thermostat has been removed by mistake. When i tried to sign in to nest by clicking works with google and selected nest. Im unable to signin because nest doesnt support google signin. Its ridiculous

Msruthi by Community Member
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all heat no cooling

I have checked all my wires and the yellow which according to other post, controls the ac functions, is completed seated in the connector yet I still only get only heat functions. A/ C doesnt even show on the display. I could swear that I saw a snowf...

bubbaz33 by Community Member
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Resolved! Thermostat Compatibility

HiCan someone advise if my current wiring to an evap and gas ducted heater is compatible with the Nest Thermostat.Appreciate any assistance - or if any more info/details are required, I can provide Cheers,Chris

20220217_161859.jpg 20220217_161904.jpg 20220217_161942.jpg
clackerz by Community Member
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Nest thermostat on phone app and Google hub display says offline but thermostat says it’s online and connected. This happens all the time! Any quick solutions other than having to remove device and setting everything up from scratch each time? I’m ab...

Ck628 by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Warranty Replacement

I have contacted Google to inform them that my nest sensor has stopped working. It is still under warranty. I have heard nothing back from them not even an acknowledgement. Anyone else had the same experience with crappy customer service ?

Not cooling only heat

Have had the best for a year or two. No problems. Now will only heat not cool. Any ideas I try every single step like changing O to B and B to O and Rh to Rc and nothing .

Nelly885 by Community Member
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