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replacing a basic Honeywell Thermostat with a Nest E

I have a basic Honeywell heat pump system with emergency electric heat. It is wired Red/R, White/Aux, Yellow/Y, Green/G, Orange/O, Lightblue/B. The last two I understand are for switching between cooling/heating modes. There is no C as on the Nest. T...

ErikL by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest on zone control panel?

Can anyone give me a part number for the Honeywell zone control panel that works with the Nest thermostats? 2 zone would be fine.Thanks in advance,

Newtech01 by Community Member
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Resolved! House keeps switching to “away” which sets my thermostat to eco mode. This happens while I’m home.

House keeps switching to “away” which sets my thermostat to eco mode. This happens while I’m home and I end up freezing before I realize what happened. I have turned off all presence sharing for all of our Google devices, and I do not allow Google to...

SRB123 by Community Member
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multi zone geolocation heating control

Can anyone advise if the smart thermostat range of products is capable of separate geolocation control of three (or ideally four) distinct zones within a single household with a single boiler as heat source?To elaborate – the requirement is to automa...

Felix46 by Community Member
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System Stopped Heating Notice

We installed the thermostat several months ago and have gotten a couple of notices saying "Your system briefly stopped heating several times."I love that it gives us this notice, but is there any way to get the notice more timely? The emails come ~2 ...

Seb_C by Community Member
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Nest not connecting to base

A plastic attachment clip has broken off of the thermostat and will not stay on the base any longer. Where can I order a replacement part? It looks simple enough to replace.