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Forum Posts error, tried everything

My Gen3 thermostat and Nest app worked fine for 14 months then suddenly today my thermostat shows offline. The battery has enough power. Have tried every solution online, still not able to connect. Neither the thermostat or the Nest app find the Wi-F...

Heat did not turn on

I turned my heater on a few weeks ago and it has been operating per the scheduled on/off times. The outside temperature has been in the freezer the past few days, however this morning it did not turn on until I stepped in front of the thermostat. I h...

fgfeerojr by Community Member
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Heat will not turn on.

This is our third or fourth year with our Nest. We set it to heat and nothing is happening other than the Nest reports that it will reach the temp in X amount of hours depending on the temp setting. I tried resetting it and still have the same issue....

3rd gen learning thermostat not turning on

Hi, I did install a Nest thermostat for the first time, but it does not turn on. 1. It is compatible: Checked the guide at least three times. I have a relatively modern furnace + ac and existing thermostat with 5 wires (Y W R C G). The guide tells me...

Nest power connector with a third gen thermostat

Hello there. I have had my nest third gen thermostat for a few years now and it worked well except for the WIFI getting disconnected and the battery would die. The reason was I needed a C wire installed. That was to complicated unless I totally reloc...

Vinfab by Community Member
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Changed thermostats

Hii have replaced my broken 3rd gen nest thermostat with a new 2nd gen onecan I link this new 2nd gen thermostat to the old 3rd gen heat link from the previous set up?thanks for all help

Madge by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

I have a nest thermostat I recently installed in my home. It started acting up. It runs my humidifier when the wood stove is going It only humidifies witch is normal but when I let the fire go out and the house cools down it goes orange to start the ...

Zack9 by Community Member
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