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Nest Thermostats

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R I+ I- C wiring to Nest

 Hello. I have the above wiring. R = red wireI+ = green wireI- = brown wireW = white wireCan someone guide me to the compatible Nest wiring I would need. 4 wire to Nest. Thank you.


Install problem Nest learning thermostat version 1

Have a heat pump electric heat cool system. Wires per my a/c guy:yellow in yblue in cwhite in obred in rgreen in gsystem only blows hot air. Per a/c guy, need to switch o to b or b to o to get won’t let me get that far, saying that c is e...

Mark0614 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Learning thermostat

I've had my nest therm. installed for over a year. I've never had any issues with it going offline until the beginning of July. I've restarted the Nest, my router, I've plugged the Nest into the wall to charge (used the charging card option), I've ch...

Error code E72

Hi there Couple days ago I got low battery message .. I charged it once I putted it back then showed e72 error No power Rc or Rh... there is no C wire. I don't have heat pump or dehumidifier See pictures    Solution?

Screenshot_20230807_145006_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20230807_144948_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20230807_145035_Gallery.jpg
M89 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat connectivity

Keeps losing connection. Can only get it to reconnect if I do a restart on thermostat. But it will lose connection again after about one hour. Need help!!

saander78 by Community Member
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Termostat goes into ECO Mode all the time

Hello I have a Google Nest Thermostat 1.4 Software version 1.3-10. I am unable to turn off eco mode. I looked through this topic and cannot find relevanmt actions within the Google Home app to turn off ECO mode. Every sisgnle day it keeps switching t...

GooWill by Community Member
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