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Nest 3rd Gen UK Hot Water question - Black or orange icon

Hi, I'm in the UK and recently had a 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat installed, I have a question: When I switch on the hot water manually (boost), the boiler starts fine and the hot water icon appears on the Nest app - but the icon and the hot water boost p...

harrismix by Community Member
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Stumped on wire compatibility.

I have zero idea what I’m doing. I’m not sure whether to use the top row of labels to look up compatibility or the lower half? (Conventional or the latter?) I ended up trying to put it in and made my best guess, set it to cool and it started to use t...

Wulfysama by Community Member
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Undetected wires

Why C wired greyed out? AC running fine. Blue wire is connected to C terminal.  

Smbearkat by Community Member
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Why is my nest precooling?  Will energy use go up?

Pakakuna by Community Member
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Error message

I keep getting an error message when connecting my nest thermostat. The device will connect to my wifi, but won’t connect to my google home. I’ve reset the device and removed it from my google home account and completed the factory reset several time...

CE109EFF-97F9-49E5-9194-DEA085757B61.png E9A36F06-5E80-4790-A671-CEC2C72280E3.png
Jackpot75 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat EU in Canada

I have a multizone underfloor radiant heating system that I would like to install the Nest Thermostat for. As I was researching, I understand that only the EU version with heatlink can be used for such system? Are Nest EU version available in Canada?...

EdwardYan by Community Member
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Nest heat link faulty

Hi. The heat link box has suddenly stopped working; no light on it or anything now. We’ve no longer got hot water or heating and the thermostat has the h71 error code. It was purchased and installed in Dec 2020 and has worked fine until then. Any hel...

nlevett by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Air conditioner shows delay

Our nest was installed with the home in 2019 and has worked perfectly until a few days ago. Now, when set to Cool, it says "starts in 2 1/2 hours" but the only thing that changes is the temperature in our house and not in the way we want. In the app ...

16608585093467388133859442343413.jpg 16608585543015375923703880394965.jpg
Kwuezy by Community Member
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Resolved! Neat Home report for my last house

I moved a year ago but still get the monthly nest home report from my last house. My current house has 2 nest thermostats and both are visible in the nest app. The prior house thermostat is not visible. My current home is also set up correctly in the...

JeffG44 by Community Member
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Setting up home user

Set up for new home user. When getting to screen asking for last four digits of serial no just freezes and won't show keyboard to allow input of numbers

Stansmiff by Community Member
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