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The blue wire where do I have to conect

Saguilar by Community Member
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W5 error

I currently have a displayed W5 error message. I have restarted the thermostat many times and checked the battery level. It is 3.864 V. I still cannot connect let alone find my 2.4 GHz wifi signal. Please help

mbeck6765 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Thermostat

Hello All,I installed my Nest thermostat last fall and it's worked perfectly. Now that summer is upon us, when the AC turns on, it runs for approximately 2 minutes and then the furnace fan motor shuts down and then continually tries to start again fo...

Voice assistant not working with nest thermostat e

For some reason my Google voice assistant has stopped working with my thermostat, works with app and manually on the thermostat but not when trying to voice activated it? Keeps saying 'something went wrong with thermostat' Anyone got any ideas please...

Damlloyd by Community Member
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Wiring for a new Nest E

Installing a Nest thermostat E. With my existing thermostat I have four wires G W Y AND R with a jumper from R to RC. When powered is turned on I get nothing. Instructions say there is no need for a jumper, but I can’t get the Nest to come on at all....

Bill62 by Community Member
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3rd thermostat confused with first thermostat

When I try to connect my third thermostat to the app it says that it is already connected as living room. Living room is the first thermostat that I installed. So I have two thermostats in the app not three and it looks like one of them will control ...

ObergR by Community Member
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