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nest stuck on home icon

nest stuck on home icon. Tried everything nothing works. Sat on 020 7660 0424 for 30 mins no answer. No heating and hot water and things are getting cold. Any suggestions?

antz8096 by Community Member
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Won't connect to new boiler

Hiwe have a new boiler and the Nest thermostat won't connect. We reset it and now just have a permanent picture on it that we can't get rid of. Any clues? The picture looks like a mobile phone.

Jo37 by Community Member
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Nest heatlink

Hi my heatlink has packed up ! Tried holding button down but still nothing. Only just over a year old . Can I get a replacement or do I have to buy a whole new system probably not nest again !

Ton9 by Community Member
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Heatlink light not on Nest 2nd Gen

The heatlink light will not turn on suddenly so I am receiving a H71 error. I have no heating but still getting hot water. I have tried turning the boiler on and off again manually but the heatlink will still not light up. I've also tried to press an...

Thermostat not connecting

Hi Jake,(Jake from Google)i didn’t respond to your last email as I was travelling with work and you closed the thread down but I still have the issues of the thermostat not working/connecting.i tried all your suggestions on reboot etc… but nothing wo...

Wayne by Community Member
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Nest thermostat heatlink is faulty

Hi my nest heatlink suddenly stopped working , it has no lights and no power. It is less than 2 years old. My electrician said this is quite a common fault with them.. how do I get a replacement quickly please as We have no heat or hot water?many tha...

Resolved! Attempting to set up to replace Ecobee

I'm having issues wiring this up from moving from an Ecobee.I'll include the wiring for the original thermostat when we moved in...Original thermostat wiring

Thermostat base replacement

how can I find a replacement base for Nest E thermostat. I have narrowed down issues and determined this is the cause of thermostat not working

Teecee by Community Member
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Thermostat fresh air ventilation

Hi, I have Aprilaire HVAC system with following thermostat and ventilation. I am looking to buy NEST learning thermostat - wondering if Nest will support this fresh air ventilation?

okgoogle by Community Member
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