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Heat not coming on

Have had Nest Learning thermostat since September 2021 and have been very happy with it until yesterday. I was gone for several days, set it to increase heat to 70 F a few hours before I was due to be home and when I got home it was still cool in the...

Stlkevin by Community Member
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Dual fuel breakpoint

How to change Temperature for Dual fuel breakpoint? I have -38 degrees on the screen, and can’t change Thanks

HiMarina by Community Member
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Multiple Nest Thermostats and Total System Usage

Hello,I have a system using three Nest thermostats. I'd like to know the total usage of my heat pump for the day.Knowing when one thermostat calls for use isn't representative of my total heating and cooling usage.Any ideas on how to capture this inf...

Heat link h72

Heat link h72…., done all checks from previous links but looks like a faulty heat link. Can anyone help please, previously posted.

Morphman1 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat True Radiant

Hello! I have 3 nest smart thermostats in my house with radiant in floor heating. Since it takes 2+ hours to heat my house I keep the temp set at consistent 70 degrees. However when I wake up in the morning it can be ############ degrees due to the w...

Plastic tab on back broke off back of display

It looks like I am having the same issue with the little plastic tabs broke off the back of the nest display and I need to get a replacement plastic piece so that my nest does not fall off the wall. TIA.Similar to issue below 

TK1 by Community Member
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