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No Power in Heatlink

Hello can you tell me if I can purchase a new heatlink. My heatlink v 2 has stopped working. So can I buy just the heatlink preferably v 3. Or do I need to buy a whole kit including thermostat. thanks I’m advance.

Shaz_zie by Community Member
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Zone Temp setting

Hi all, Any way on the nest android app to show actual temprature instead of setpoint?I have zoned nests x5 but to see actual temp of each on the app I have to click each one individually instead of being able to view them all see this Image for bett...

DoMiNiOuS by Community Member
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is there a way to lock on the fan all of the time?

is there a way to lock on the fan all of the time?cold winters here in Iowa below zero!we need to be able to lock the thermostat to the furnace fan to on to help keep the pipes from freezing.also we need a wider range on the heat cool settings for th...

iowagold by Community Member
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Won’t heat my home

I reset my Nest to manufacture settings accidentally. I tried setting it up but o might of set up something incorrectly. It was working fine before I did this. How can I make it work correctly again?

Chikita2 by Community Member
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Linking a NEST thermostat to the NEST app.

My NEST thermostat is no longer connected to my NEST app. It says "Add product" instead of showing the circle with a red color when heating and allowing the temperature to be controlled. When I try to reconnect it says it is already connected. Soluti...

Sensor stippee working

I have two sensors in rooms not too far away crom the main thermostat, but doors separate them. Last night about 5 am PST the nest sensors went "offline" and now they won't reconnect at all. I tried to remove one and install again, and now I cannot e...

Dnitro by Community Member
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