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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Nest Therm E has a blank screen and a flashing green light

Our Thermostat was installed 2 years ago by a pro when our home was built. Just 2 days ago the Thermostat went blank on the screen and a green flashing light came on. I've tried to hold down to reset but the only thing that happens is the green light...

MSykora by Community Member
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Nest heating activates without calling

Hi everyone,Got Nest Gen 3 installed 5 days ago and noticed that it keeps switching heat on when not called for. I have no schedule setup yet and history of heating shows nothing. Thermostat: gen 3Schedule: NoneIn house temp: above 19 C Thanks

smareks by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Thermostat - Forgot Pin

Device is offline & requesting PIN. PIN forgotten. It’s in a rented property which complicates the trouble shooting.

Emikey1 by Community Member
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Heating coming on every hour over night

For the last fortnight, my heating (for the hot water) has been coming on every hour through the night. This is - clearly - not what is scheduled! At the same time, although not sure if this is a coincidence, or part of the same problem, I am not hav...

BenMellor by Community Member
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Need some advise on wiring (Honeywell TB8575A replacement)

Hi there,My original thermostat is a Honeywell TB8575A (24V system), for condoManual: current wiring is as follows:R: 24 Vac powerW/Y: W = Heating; Y = Cooling ...

Conancain by Community Member
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Resolved! forgot passcode for thermostat and I can't reset

My thermostat is locked I can't reset because I cannot get into the system at all. I have been trying to get a reset email and have received no response for over 2 hours. I have been on line and it is no help

HelenB1 by Community Member
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