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Nest sensors stopped working

I’ve had two nest sensors working fine for the past 2+ years and out of nowhere they stopped connecting completely at the same exact time.I swapped the batteries, tried bringing them right up to the thermostat (3rd gen learning) and they will not con...

Thermostat not visible in Nest or Google Home apps

I’ve had a Nest thermostat for several years and have never had any issues connecting to it via the Nest app. I recently bought a Nest video doorbell and upon trying to set this up got forced to migrate from the Nest app to Google Home. The doorbell ...

JPW1981 by Community Member
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can not add nest thermostat to my google home.

I get the following error when I try to scan the QR code : Error! Unable to start device pairing. Configuration not available. Then I tried to add it by skipping the QR code. I enter the 6 character code on the back of the unit and then it says to pi...

julsqns by Community Member
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Resolved! Fan won't turn on while furnace is heating and vice versa

I recently replaced our old "dumb" thermostat with a Nest unit. We have a forced air gas furnace for heat. The wires that are connected are: G,R (RH on the old model),Y,W, and C.Anyway, under normal conditions, the furnace turns on, heats up for a fe...

RickG13 by Community Member
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removing and adding new phone(s)

Upgraded from iphone 11 to 13 and I can see anywhere on the Nest ap to remove the 11 from the account and of course I can add the 13 because it states I already have a phone on the account. Please assist. Thank you **I currently do not have a Google ...

stlquag by Community Member
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Adjusting temp on app

 My home temperature shows on my nest app and google home app. But I can’t lower or raise temperature with either app. Shows like this solid grey. I can’t even change the modes

Jjawava by Community Member
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