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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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No "C" wire?

System doesn't have a "C" wire. How do I attach the other wires?

Resolved! Heat link still dead

Hi, you have locked the previous thread I raised on this topic, so I have opened this one as I have not got a resolution. I have been on holiday, so did not respond straight away, please do not lock this thread until I have agreed to it being locked....

Central heating not working via Thermostat or Heatlink

Hi, I can't switch on my heating via the thermostat or via manual mode on the Heatlink. The thermostat and Heatlink are talking to each other.I have fully charged the thermostat.I have switched everything off and on again.I have re-paired the connect...

IMG_20220403_152645758.jpg IMG_20220403_152627343_HDR.jpg
kamshafiq by Community Member
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Resolved! Eco Mode in Newest Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermometer preset schedule shows Eco mode coming on at 8:30am (scheduled in between 2 comfort modes). Will it automatically change to Eco mode at that time? I only want to use Eco mode when we are out of the house and I am not sure how to s...

dcdttu by Community Member
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Away mode does not switch off hot water (UK)

Is there any way to make Away mode also stop water heating immediately, as well as heating, rather than waiting 48 hours?If I select Away mode, Nest should not override my choice to stop all energy consumption in my home whilst I am not there. onto u...

Nest Stat

I have only been using the Nest Learning Stat now for 4 months and I must be doing something horrendously wrong.This time last year I lived in a 4 bedroom house and had a hive system and my Gas bill was £188 for the 3 month period for January to Apri...

stanl by Community Member
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