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Nest Thermostats

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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Nest Thermostat problems

Here are some steps I recommend to resolve issues during the setup of Nest Thermostats.Before trying these stepsMake sure you're using the correct app for setup. Need help checking which model you have? Use the Google Home app to set up the following...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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Heat is on but temp isn’t rising

Currently away for holidays and a blizzard has been happening for a day in our house location. Heat is on according to the home app, but our house temp is dropping. We are unsure if it is actually on and working or if there is an issue with furnace. ...

GM7 by Community Member
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Eco Mode on 2017 Nest

My thermostat keep randomly switching to ECO mode. It happens in the middle of the night and try’s to cool my house to 50° which in the current weather of 3° is insane. I do not have eco mode set on, I don’t even let the app use my location ever and ...

Nest Thermostat

Since migrating to Google, I cant read or adjust my older Nest thermostat from either the Nest App or the Google home app. How do I fix this? I want to add a second Nest thermostat for another zone, but I won't install it until I can fix this.

pjsenk62 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat time and date are wrong

I have a Nest Thermostat in my rented apartment. Somebody else already has it connected to an app and account...possibly the management company. The time and date are off but 12 days, 19 hours, 38 minutes. That's a problem because the schedule won't ...

MindyM by Community Member
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Stage 2 heating not hesting the house

      Have a new furnace and it doesn't seem to be fully heating the house. Had this furnace installed last winter and I don't remember having this issue and to my knowledge none of the wires have been moved so I don't know why it seems like there's ...

20221224_100419.jpg 20221224_095339.jpg 20221224_095237.jpg 20221224_095532.jpg
Stangsp by Community Member
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Rush hour rewards cant unenroll

I been on the phone with Google for 2 hours to try and unenroll with the rush hour rewards program. I think this is crazy you can't find no help to turn this dum feature off. Google and con Ed failed me.

Brooknice by Community Member
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Furnace heat runs off schedule

Hello,My thermostat keeps running off schedule. It is set to 60 at 9:30 pmthen at 67 at 9:30 am. In the middle of the nigh it turns itself onto 63. Also it would be really nice if it was a lot easier to make a schedule.The mobile app schedule is hard...

Failed to connect to heatlink (H71)

Hi, Re:3rd generation thermostat My control refuses to connect to the heatlink. I've factory reset both the controls and the heatlink, I've entered the 6 digit code and double checked correct. Tried looking at forums and YouTube but they just won't t...

Rabnudj by Community Member
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