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Nest Thermostats

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Heatlink 3rd Gen issue

Hi, my two heatlinks (each paired with a separate thermostat) have worked well for a few years. Today the thermostat schedule for one of the thermostats did not work. The other works fine. The non working thermostat is not instructing the boiler. It ...

SRJCarter by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat Early-On not preheating

Early on used to preheat as expected but I changed my heat pump balance from max savings to off. I know that Early-On has to learn how long it takes to heat up to a temp so it knows when to start and that initially it won't preheat during that period...

Resolved! Is C wire needed?

Installed my Nest 3rd Gen. thermostat a week ago. It's a two-wire heat-only system. It's working fine but I've read that over time my battery is going to run down because there is no C wire. Can I tell by the battery voltage or the power level in Mw ...

MrTee1063 by Community Member
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Temperature calibration

I'm in the UK. Is there any way to recalibrate a nest thermostat (Thermostat E)? My nest thermostat is showing the incorrect room temperature and is taking forever to reach the target temperature. I've tested with two other thermometers and the nest ...

Resolved! Temperature override

Can anyone tell me why the scheduled temperature that is set is overridden by an higher temperature over night The temperature is set at 10 from 10.30pm and at 7am comes on again to get to 20. This is over ridden every night and goes to 20 in the nig...

John74 by Community Member
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NEST App on Nvidia Shield TV

I downloaded the NEST App on my Nvidia Shield TV and can not get it to sign in. I have verified the correct email and password by logging into NEST on my laptop and iPhone, I am using the same email and password but the NEST App on the Nvidia Shield ...

connecting two Nutone Model KB-10 to nest

I have two existing Nutone’s Model KB-10 door bell chimes hooked up in parallel. They have worked fine since 1995 with the existing transformer which has a rated output of 16 volts 20va. I wired the Nest per the below diagram and installed a new HVAC...

Nest wiring diagram.JPG
b78772 by Community Member
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No heat. Saying no power to Rc wire

It’s been working well for over a year and today on the coldest day I have no heat. I recharged it with a USB cord, but it’s still saying the same thing and won’t work.

Carolynsd by Community Member
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Or the nest thermostat compatible with American standard equipment? I had an issue with one about four or five years ago where it would shut the fan off after about 5 minutes of running in the heat pump mode. On the last page of the installation inst...