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Nest Thermostats

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Thermostat Heat Shorted

Hey, So my thermostat is working normally, then all of a sudden the heat will be constantly on. No matter what you do it just won't turn off. I've had a professional look at it who's told me the heat wire it getting shorted by the thermostat, as such...

Conlan88 by Community Member
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Wifi no longer connects

My Nest Thermostat has the reported "w5 error" and cannot connect to WiFi. It does not even detect the WiFi. Have tried all suggestions (restart and reset both the router and Nest Thermostat) and still won’t connect to WiFi. None of my other nest the...

Tibbien by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Wiring

 After installation of my nest, the fan is still running even though I have turned the Nest off. I have a picture of my wire setup below. Is there anything wrong or mising with the wiring connection?    

6C1E1452-1EA8-442A-A574-B54E0A69FCA4.jpeg A4C0089C-C06D-483F-865A-88FF2560E2E0.jpeg

Heating while cooling

Hi there, im running into an issue with heat coming out even though the unit says cooling. Wiring settings below. Can someone help?   

3405BCD1-0C5A-4FE0-8AEA-C5417D0F0A41.jpeg 16270213-84D8-4300-81B4-247E550D7AB6.jpeg
Ocean5641 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat low battery, overheats when USB charging

3rd gen Nest Thermostat has been working fine for the last couple years. Now get message low battery, can't connect to WiFi. Charged on USB and device got very warm. Still shows low battery/can't connect when put back on base.

KJC by Community Member
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Can any one help? Will this wiring work with a nest ?  


Wiring compatibility

Wondering if my wiring is compatible with my 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat? 

Wsmeck by Community Member
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