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Nest Thermostats

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Nest wired up, not blowing cold air but says “cooling”

Here is a picture of my old thermostat. To my knowledge it does have a heat pump.  i have my nest wired up with that brown wire on W and the clear wire on the left on W2. I have to reiterate that although this picture makes those wires look orange an...

Beckett by Community Member
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Thermostat not working

Our device won’t turn on the AC or the furnace. Gives the “delay” error. Have tried restarting and a complete reset. It’s a second gen learning thermostat and it says there are no software updates available but I’m on version 5.9.4-5 and the website ...

Darby by Community Member
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Nest thermostat stopped working.

My AC stopped working a few hours ago. Black blank screen on nest. Can’t access anything on it. Unplugged/plugged. Nothing. App says offline but wifi is working on everything else. It’s only about 5 mos old. What do I do? It’s already 80+ degrees in ...

Dh22 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat wiring issue

I am replacing my Sensi (which works perfectly) with a Nest Thermostat. I have the following wires connected to my Sensi:Rh <-- RedW <-- WhiteG <-- GreenY <-- OrangeC <-- Black I connected the wires on my new Nest Thermostat as Follows:R <-- Red (Rh)...

Heatlink not working

Hi,My heatlink has decided to stop working today and i can't get any lights to come on. It is only two years old and has been fine up until now. I have read that this seems to be a common problem and is usually down to a short circuit within the heat...

Google home and nest connection

After installing a new Nest thermostata in a second house, I had to use Google Home for control. Now I can't get my current thermostat to show up on my Google Home page for this house.

Calicasa by Community Member
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Heat link won't switch off

Hi,Recently, my Heat link has not switched the heating off, eventhough the stat says it should be off. This is happening randomly and the only way to turn the heating off is to kill the power. I suppose I need a new Heat Link. pf

pfitzp90 by Community Member
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How to wire our Nest Learning Themostat 3rd gen

We have a Heil forced air heating system and a separate air conditioning system. Below is a pic of the wiring of our current thermostat. Any suggestions about how to wire the Nest? Thanks.

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capic by Community Member
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