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Nest Thermostats

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Wires into Nest

I have a Honeywell PRO 3000 controlling 1 zone hear and 1 zone HVAC. There are 5 wires - and I can find a home from Honeywell in the new Nest for W, Y, G and R. Where does the Rc go in the Nest though? The only unclaimed places on Nest are C and OB.T...

ken_sand by Community Member
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Nest heating won't turn on the burner

Hi Nest thermostat won't turn on the burner for heating despite it displaying it as on.This applies to the schedule and manual switching.Strangely, the hot water schedule and boost within the app still works without issue. I've tried resetting device...

Irritated by Community Member
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How to file a formal complaint with NEST

Hi there, I've been trying to have Nest honor its warranty since September (2021) for my thermostat which broke under the 1 year time frame. It clearly states that either a refund or a replacement is an option. "If th...

Google Home Away routine doe not trigger eco

My Google Home Away routine is set to turn my nest thermostat to eco but I cannot get it to work properly.When I leave it registers that and sets the home to 'Away'; however, the thermostat remains on heat mode. Any ideas on what to try? Thanks