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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Camera set up

So trying to get indoor/outdoor cameras to work. Got Google home app ok. Scan QR code. Seems to prepare camera ok but every time it gets to the next stage in the setup “connecting to joining device” we get “something went wrong try again”. Any ideas/...

John1915 by Community Member
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Cannot connect camera

Recently had to change Wi-Fi password and now cameras won’t connect tried resetting and factory reset. When I try to add new device it ask for QR code. Don’t have that so I enter the setup code on device. When it gets to the next screen it says to ha...

Deser by Community Member
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Google Nest Alert Tone Unsafe and Inadequate

Has the Google team found a way to allow us to change the alert tone on our iphones with the Google nest cameras so that if someone “unfamiliar” breaks in and tries to kill us we will actually get woke up or is the product still useless for home secu...

Magnet mount for nest outdoor camera

I lost my white magnet mount for my outdoor nest camera (wired), It is not available for purchase online. Can someone point me to the right direction? Thanks Andy

andychau by Community Member
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Indoor Nest Camera not recording

We have been using our indoor net camera for nearly 5 years. Upon moving, we disabled it and reset it up recently, but it only collects still images of movements, it's not recording videos. We can watch live video, but it's not recording any of it. W...

ecmitche by Community Member
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My Google Nest Camera was hacked

My Google nest camera was hacked by some pathetic loser and psychopath. I have had this camera for less than a month and you guys won't give me a refund. I want my money back or I will be reaching out to ALL LOCAL NEWS STATIONS. The police won’t do a...

Pink/Blue Image on Doorbell Camera

I have a doorbell camera that recently started displaying camera footage with a pink and blue tint. It is hard to make out what is being shown on the camera. I have already viewed and tried various suggestions including:1) Using the APP turning the c...

DCDude71 by Community Member
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