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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest doorbell gen2 won’t stream to Samsung tv

I have a Samsung q90t tv using Samsungs own tizen OS, recently bought a Nest doorbell cam gen2. I’ve setup the doorbell camera with Alexa and google, when asking Alexa to display the video on my t, I only see the top left corner of the feed for 5sec ...

Johnbarak by Community Member
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Nest cam will not work

My nest cam completely stopped working, it said it couldn’t connect to Wi-Fi, now it won’t connect to the app, I’ve tried to contact Google to stop my subscription and possibly get some help finding out what the issue could be and can not find a phon...

Junk nest floodlight camera

Had a functional camera and floodlights until 10 degrees hit. Camera quit. Camera lights came back on when temps warmed closer to freezing. Camera will not rejoin my network. Rebooted WIFI, reset camera, deleted home and rebuilt it and all the other ...

Magnus2022 by Community Member
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Google nest doorbell

Bought a new house, came with a Google nest cam (battery version). We’ve downloaded the Nest and Google home app, we’ve attempted to add the device several times without luck. Vicious cycle of ‘something went wrong, try again or try to turn on and of...

no video history

Hello, I am not sure why I can't see any video history on my web browser or Android device. I wonder if someone can help to lighten up this issue. I was able to view and download them before but not able to do that anymore.Thank you so much in-advanc...

HP- by Community Member
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Google home messing with phone audio

Is anybody else having issues with Google home? I got a new gen 2 wired nest doorbell. Ever since I downloaded home, it has been messing with my phones audio. It glitches the audio of any video I watch. When I go to lower the volume it keeps going up...

Resolved! Doorbell notifies my phone, but will NOT ring the chime

Recently installed a Google Nest Doorbell (wired, Gen 2), and it will notify my phone, and show me live video, etc., but will not ring my indoor chime. I checked the transformer and it meets specifications (16 Volts and 10 VA). The hammer in the chim...

HeWhoIsMe by Community Member
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Resolved! Chime Buzzing 5-6 seconds in between 1st and 2nd Bong

My mechanical chime buzzes for 5-6 seconds between the 1st bong and the 2nd bong. I have a 24vac, 40 va transformer & have connected the chime adapter as described in the directions. Everything else works normally. It appears that the first bong occu...

jimg9453 by Community Member
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Notifications only on one phone in family group

I have two Nest/Google doorbells (wired). They used to send notifications to all three phones in my family. Now, only one of the phones gets the notifications. This started maybe a couple of months ago. I'm listed as the owner, but my phone doesn't g...

merael007 by Community Member
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