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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Resolved! Install electrical chime for nest wired doorbell

Hi there, I would like to install an electrical chime for my Google nest doorbell which I have hardwired using a transformer. I didn’t receive the chime connector to connect - so I want to know how can I connect an electrical chime if I have hardwire...

Resolved! Can’t reconnect camera to new router

I have 6 Google net cams with batteries. All the cameras were working great. Then aprox two weeks ago I got a new Motorola MG8725 multi gig modem and my cameras won’t connect to it. Every other item I have from my MacBook Pro to my light bulbs connec...

Eric212 by Community Member
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Nest Hello Doorbell

I just recently purchased a Nest hello doorbell(wired) and I'd like to wire it without a chime.Would I be able to wire it directly to the transformer?or would I have to use the chime connector in between?

Josh__ by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Floodlights not turning on at all.

My camera works fine but the lights no longer turn on. Not through the Home App, not through Google assistant, nore motion senser. I've tried resetting on the back of the cam and still not working. I've only had it for a week and had no issues until ...

Vega by Community Member
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Turn off notifications for familiar faces.

Could anybody please explain how I can turn off notifications for familiar faces? I don't really need to get notifications every time my family is in the garden. I understand that the option exists to switch off notifications entirely when you are at...

AdamZee by Community Member
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What Google Assistant voice commands work with Google Doorbell?

What are the voice commands that work with the Google Doorbell?I have a google nest mini and when someone rings the doorbell, I get that audio notification. I found that I can say “Hey Google, I can’t come to the door” and it will play the auto respo...

Foopy by Community Member
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