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Cameras and Doorbells

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New Nest Camera Charging Cables

I am researching a few different camera solutions, and Google offers a magnetic charging cables for their cameras. I need to know if these cables are in-wall rated so that my house will still be insured if a fire happened to break out. All the "googl...

ShaneSnow by Community Member
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So I got my doorbell - paid someone to have it installed (faster than my working through it) and when I went to config in the Google Home app it redirected me to the Nest app. It seems that ONLY the battery doorbell will work with the Google Home app...

Having issues.

Having issues with the volume and speaker on the camera. When I talk fjord it to someone they can't here me but it does come when I'm about to talk. Can this be fixed or is it a faulty product?Have a nest outdoor IQ also and that works great.

Markels by Community Member
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Is there a number for technical support? 

Max by Community Member
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Nest Camera (battery) on Android TV

I just purchased 3 Nest Cameras (battery) to integrate with my Nest Hello doorbell. To view the doorbell on my Sony Android TV, I say “hey Google, show me the front door”, and the doorbell starts streaming. With my new cameras, I get “sorry it looks ...

Michelle1 by Community Member
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Nest camera battery connectivity issues

I reset my wifi router (I do this once every 2 weeks or so) and my nest battery wouldn't reconnect to the wifi so I deleted it and tried to set it back up and every time it says wrong password for the wifi even though I know it's the right password

Nest camera - outdoor

The camera was not coming on. Trying to reload into owners phone. Says it’s connected to someone else but we are original owners. 2 other phones are also connected to this.