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Updates on Nest Protect and pending Scottish legislation changes

Hey everyone, I appreciate everyone’s patience as they’ve shared their feedback and questions regarding the pending Scottish legislation changes. We’re aware of the proposed legislation changes to the fire and smoke alarm standard in Scotland requiri...

RachelC by Googler
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Protect mounting bracket

Hello, I recently renovated my home and my current 9 brackets for protector have been lost. Is there anywhere I can buy bracket only or can you please guide me to get it ? Thanks.

kingpig97 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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mismatched protect info from report

Hi.I receive a monthly email from nest about the status of my nest devices.The last one simply stated a full green battery making me to believe the 6 year old battery is fine.But last afternoon both units started beeping. After sone investigation I s...

Armandckj by Community Member
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Mounting bracket

My mounting bracket broke after installing new batteries and I cant find a replacement anywhere online

Everyday sensor problem followed by sensor restored

One of my Nest Protect devices (all Gen 2) records a sensor problem and a sensor restored everyday, both at the same time. Please see included screenshot. I only noticed because I checked the history. Otherwise, there's no daily indication of any iss...

geotu by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Keeps beeping

Our best alarm started beeping very few seconds, so we changed the batteries, but it’s still beeping any idea why? We put in the batteries advised which cost us £15 but annoyed now

Linda00 by Community Member
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Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (L91) batteries Draining too fast

Hello, we’ve had our nest protect for about 1 year. We replaced the batteries as requested ( Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (L91) batteries) about 2 months ago and now we are getting the same low battery alerts. Seeing as the batteries have previously...

Cyh1419 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Nest Protect batteries burning hot & Nest support experience

About 3 weeks ago I was woken up in the middle of the night by a beeping sound, and after several minutes of investigation turned out to be a Nest Protect. When the Nest Protect was removed from the ceiling, it emitted a sort of burning electronics s...

IMG_0030.jpg IMG_0030_Thermal.jpg
RobinS by Community Member
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Nest Protect Battery Type (Energizer Lithium discontinued)

Hi,The manual states Nest Protect must use Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries, but these have been discontinued. I could not find any at my local Home Depot and etc. Any remaining stock is heavily marked up on Amazon etc, if available at all.Reg...

yatyesam by Community Member
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