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Nest Thermostats

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Nest e w5 error

Hi!My thermostat Nest E is no longer connecting to WiFi. No longer connect to the internet. It is showing the W5 error. I have restarted, reset and checked everything. It still will not connect to the internet. It won’t even bring up any networks. Tr...

Nest heatlink stopped working No led and no heating

Nest heatlink stopped working today. No LEDs. H71 error on thermostat. I have no heating and this is a BIG problem. I have tried all the troubleshooting described in other feedback including holding for 30 seconds, power cycling boiler etc. The unit ...

Gazcon by Community Member
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Nest heat link has no lights

Nest thermostat not firing boiler. Have reset fully. Still not firing. Took a look at nest heat link box and no lights on it?! What does this mean as there is power to it. HELP!

Simonh12 by Community Member
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replacement battery for nest learning thermostat

Is there anywhere I can get a suitable replacement battery for my Nest learning thermostat (3rd generation)? I see 1.41 wh batteries in various places, but the battery in there is 2.1 wh, and it loses it's charge every 4-6 weeks.

gmhyman by Community Member
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3 degree requirement for manual schedule

Anyone ever notice that if you try to input a manual schedule it forces you to maintain a minimum 3 degree difference between the temperature when on cooling and the temperature when on heating. So if I want to set my 6 AM schedule to be at 72 when o...

BZRD by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Nest

Hi, our nest thermostat Heat Link appears to have died, it has no lights on the front. I have removed the fuse and tried to reset but to no avail. I have also checked and the Heat link is still getting voltage. Please advise. Jon

Resolved! Urgent assistance required

We have no heating because the heat link unit has stopped working on out nest thermostat (3rd generation). We urgently need to replace this unit which is still under guarantee. Can someone please contact us or tell us who we need to contact ASAP.

KenB by Community Member
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