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Nest Thermostats

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Pro Installation Suggested

I bought a 3rd Gen Nest learning thermostat last year on black Friday for my Goodman heat pump. I installed it and it ran fine all winter. But when it came time to turn on the AC in the spring my house turned into an oven. The heat pump would not swi...

Gambrinus by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat WiFi Connection Issues

A couple of weeks ago my nest App on the phone did an update, ever since then I have not been able to connect to the WiFi. I have rebooted the router twice, rebooted the Nest Thermostat numerous times even turned of the power supply and it still won'...

Nest 2020

I have a central heating and air unit and a red wire in the rc spot with I assume a jumper in the r spotMy nest only has a r how do I make this switch? Is it OK to plug the rc in the r or is that not going to work?

Different scenarios

Hello. From what I know it is not possible to program different scenarios in the nest thermostat. it would be just great not to have only one timetable. Activate for example:- telework at home- on Hollidays - my mother is at home etc Each of them wit...

Lulila by Community Member
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How to turn off reward notifications nest thermostat

I am not enrolled in any rewards programs through nest and I don't want to be, but I keep etting messages about reward offers on my nest app. going to settings>notifications shows no option for rewards notifications and settings>rebates and rewards g...

noname by Community Member
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Home/Away Assist Problems

The home/away assist is not working as expected. It often thinks I'm away when I am home, and turns it to Eco mode. Today I am not home, and it thinks it is, heating the house for no one. Everything seems to be set correctly, and yet the support team...

junalmeida by Community Member
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