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I can't link my nest thermostat to my Google assistant

Good evening. I have been trying unsuccessfully to link my my nest 3rd gen learning thermostat to my Google assistant. When the app asks me to scan the QR code I get a tick followed by an error message, so I try the approach without scanning. I input...

Ron3 by Community Member
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nest thermostat not adjusting when away from home

I cannot adjust heat through my app when I am away from my home. The device is presently maintaining my home at the safety temperature. Switching between "home" and "away", turning home/away assist on and off, or changing eco temperature all seem to ...

bpd3108 by Community Member
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Resolved! Googe Nest Thermostat Wiring Compatibility

Hi,My current thermostat has wires connecting the following:RC1, Y/O, W/B, Gwith jumper cable between RH and RCNot sure if this is compatible with the Nest Thermostat, as RC1 wasn't an option on the Home app during installation. Is this synonymous wi...

huklin by Community Member
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Nest app hot water screen grey when on

Hi anyone else experiencing in the app when hit water is on the screen status grey. However when turn on manually via heatlink it is orange and says manual. Tried reset but when I boost water it starts but status grey. Very annoying

perrymanku by Community Member
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Ceiling Radiant Heat with Nest Thermostat

Hi,I have radiant heat from ceiling for my upper floor. Will Nest Thermostat (or other thermostat like Amazon's) will work with the Radiant Heat ?

ketan by Community Member
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Nest power connect with 24 volt transformer

I want to use this on my heating system only boiler. It has a two zone split and only has a red and white wire no c. Can I get 24volt transformer and plug it in and have the black from the transformer go to c in the nest power connect and have the wh...

Skimmilk by Community Member
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Adding a 2nd Nest Thermostat to the Nest App is broken

Per this earlier comment - Adding a 2nd Nest Learning thermostat to the Nest App appears to be impossible. Can someone from...

dbs by Community Member
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Replace my rite temp thermostat with Nest Learning thermostat

Hi everyone,I just got Nest Learning thermostat and I want to replace my old rite temp thermostat.I have 2-zone HVAC for both heating and coolingIn the first zone, My old rite temp has 6 wire connections [red (Y), white (W), red (RH), green (G), gree...

Trong by Community Member
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