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Nest Thermostats

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Furnace Short Cycling

My nest thermostat is making my furnace short cycle (turning off and on every few seconds). I have the c wire installed. I re-installed my old (non-smart) thermostat and the furnace worked fine. I checked the connections at the nest base plate and th...

'C' Wire

I want to install a new Nest Thermostat (07/2021 manufactured) and my system has W, Y, G, Rh & Rc wires (Rh-Rc have a jumper and one red wire connected). How do I know if I need a 'C' wire?

FarmerAl by Community Member
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Unable to connect to wifi

Thermostat has lost connection and wont reconnect to wifi network, it's not finding any wifi network at all even after following all steps to reset the device/settings and router.

Bry by Community Member
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Issue with thermostat not connecting to internet

Hi guys. my thermostat has been offline for weeks and I thought it was low WiFi signal. I could use it manually but it kept needing it’s date and time reset. I got a wifi enhancer and have reset the thermostat to factory settings but I now can’t get ...

Heatlink failure

HiMy heat link has failed, this appears to be a common fault with the Google Nest 3rd Generation.I have had an engineer attend and confirm that the cables to the boiler are working as expected with the necessary power being supplied, and that the boi...

ojtramp by Community Member
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Nest thermostat installation

Hi I’m trying to install my Google nest thermostat. My existing thermostat has y1 y2 w w2 g c r rc it’s a heat pump and the nest I have only has inputs for y c w g r *ob. Do I need a different thermostat I’m not sure this one is compatible

Ddew10 by Community Member
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Nest 2nd Gen losing connection

Hi my 2nd gen nest thermostat has started losing connection to the internet ( according to the nest app) the battery is at 3.92 and my router indicates it is connected to my network but it still loses connection several times a day . I tried restarti...

Blades by Community Member
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