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Is my hvac compatible with my Nest thermostat?

Need help determining if Nest thermostat is compatible with my hvacs. I have three split through the condo built in 1979. One was setup with Thermostat before we bought it. Before I have someone come in to install Nest for all three, I want to make s...

Nest switching primary sensor after manually setting it

Background:I have a Nest Thermostat and three sensors (office, bedroom, basement). During the week, my midday sensor is the office, but during the weekends, I set manually set it to the basement, since that's where my TV and PC are. I've noticed that...

DWin1024 by Community Member
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adding another phone.

We got a nest thermostat for Christmas. My husband set it up on his phone but he can't figure out how to get it on my phone, as well. Can two people have it on their phones? He loaded a google on my phone but still can't get the nest on my phone to w...

BrendaH by Community Member
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Switching my nest thermostat to the new platofrm

i have two nest thermostats in my house. One in my living. Room for one system and one in my upstairs for the other system. When google bought nest they had to he transitioned over to connect to nest correctly. I was able to get the living room learn...

Resolved! Using Nest Thermostat w/a whole house humidifier

I have had a Nest thermostat installed for a while with no issues. I recently purchased an Aprilaire humidifier. I'm trying to get the Nest to control the humidifier without any luck.Background info:Heating/Cooling system is forced hot air. There is ...

Resolved! Heat link failure

My heat link has totally packed in. No lights. I have tried contacting someone to arrange a replacement as still under warranty but cannot find a phone number to talk to someone about it - really poor service! How can I raise this and get a replaceme...

GrezzlyD by Community Member
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Locked thermostats not on the app

I need help on resetting a nest learning thermostat that one of my users put a pin on and doesn't remember it. Unfortunately, they removed it from the app as well so it's locked and I can't do anything with it.

W5 Wifi Error

Hello. I’ve had a Nest 3rd gen Learning Thermostat for about 1 years now and it’s been awesome! Today it started showing error code W5 it isn’t seeing my router and I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps repeatedly, restarted my router, entered the...

Nest Sensor Daily Schedules

I have multiple Nest thermostats with multiple sensors attached to each. Everything works well, but it would be great to have the ability to set the sensor schedule on a daily basis like the heating/cooling schedule. For example, I'd like the primary...

Nest stopped working.

Google home app not communicating with Nest thermostat. House wifi working. Message flashes on Nest “Continue set-up in the Google Home app. How to connect Nest with iPhone .

Jaja-Gigi by Community Member
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