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Nest Thermostats

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Broken Heat Link Urgent

Hello. I have completed a google form provided in an earlier post regarding a broken heat link. My heat link is broken. There are no lights showing. I have tried all of the resetting/restoring instructions to no avail. I have checked the fuse downsta...

Failed to connect and google failing to help

I’m really struggling with Google’s customer service with my nest system. it was installed around 14 months ago and about 2 months ago the heat link broke. Google sent a replacement which is linked up and working fine but the thermostat won’t connect...

Mtr123 by Community Member
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Cannot turn off furnace fan schedule

I moved into a place with Nest thermostat in place. My furnace fan seems to run on a schedule (e.g every night at 9:30 to 10pm w/o the heater). I cannot shutoff the schedule. I ended up resetting Nest setting and disabled Nest App, however the fan st...

KenS by Community Member
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Hope somebody can help me, assist device is driving me to despairaccording to my thermostat I am connected to my app, however there is no device on my app, I have deleted app reinstalled it and still nothing. I have reset my thermostat, still not abl...

Helle by Community Member
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Resolved! TH013 (4096)

Please help! Having this error code come up each time I try to link the thermostat to the heat link.