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w5 Error Persisting

I have been fighting the w5 error on my thermostat for months. I have had to reset it daily, as it refuses to stay connected to my network. I am very frustrated with this device. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have followed Google's protocol ...

JRatcliff by Community Member
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Customer Service - Notice all threads are locked

I have gone ahead and copied/pasted and saved an entire conversation with the Google/Nest Support team on my computer. I would bet my house that so many of you have dealt with the worlds worst customer service team like I have and then come to find o...

Google nest thermostat compatibility

I am looking to upgrade my current thermostat to a Google Nest and am checking for wire compatibility. My current thermostat is a battery operated Honeywell DT90. When removed I have a circuit boardA x B y Cwith a wire going into A and one into B. I ...

Sam92 by Community Member
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Post Migration Issue logging in

I was forced to migrate from my Nest login (which I've had for several years) to Google login. Now when I try to actually log in from the Google Home App, it says that I can't access with my G-Suite account. Which is the only one I have. So I now can...

Rwell by Community Member
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No C Wire

Replaced an older Honeywell stat with an E Nest. Only two wires in wall, a W and a R, no C wire. Went ahead anyway and installed the stat. It seems to work fine, but loses the WiFi connection from time to time. I check the Nest app on my phone couple...

adamemma by Community Member
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Switching heating on

Hi, I've had my nest installed for a little over a year and it's been great, until a few days ago when the heating stopped responding to the thermostat or the app. Hot water switches on fine from the stat and the app still. The only way I can get the...