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Nest Thermostat Hot Water

Hi, my Next Thermostat hot water schedule will not let me put my hot water on for less than 30mins at a time?? I only need it on for 15mins to heat the water. 30mins is double the time I need it on for. When I try enter 15mins it rounds it up to 30mi...

Jimcorny by Community Member
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Lock/pin feature please!!

The new 2020 Nest Thermostat only works with the Google Home app and is missing a major feature available on the nest app -- a Lock feature! Is this option coming to the Home app? It's absolute must need for a smart thermostat

Rose137 by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest app provides usage only for past 10-days. How about giving users monthly and yearly data? Google alredy has this data! This improvement would allow Nest users to accurately determine whether alternative heating and cooling systems may be mor...

pweiser by Community Member
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Nest 3ed gen doesn't see any Wi-Fi networks

I have had the thermostat working with no issues for a while. About three weeks ago it disconnected from the nest and home app. Since then I have tried restarting first, with no luck, entering the SSID and WPA Key manually, and then resetting, It doe...

WDF by Community Member
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Ghost touching

My Nest Thermostat (2020) keeps jumping from home screen to settings and back without touching. It's almost like a ghost is touching and must be a sensor issue. Tried factory resetting, cleaning, restarting to no avail. Anybody have a similar issue o...

Jnativio by Community Member
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