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Nest Thermostats

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Thermostat won’t stay charged

My nest thermostat has been wonderful for 2 years now but all of a sudden it won’t hold a charge. When it began happening a couple months ago I could “manually” charge it and it would last several weeks but now I am having to manually charge it every...

Suesue by Community Member
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Boiler ignores signal from Nest thermostat

Hi all,I went on vacation some weeks ago and switched off the boiler as there was no need to keep it running.When coming back, I switched it on again. And since then, the boiler ignores the control signal from Nest and basically keeps heating. Which ...

JohnW13 by Community Member
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Hot Water priority issue With 3rd Gen Nest

Hi,We have a normal boiler i.e Not combi. We recently had the pressure cylinder replaced in our system as the old one started leaking.Since the replacement, when the heating is on, the hot water doesn't seem to function efficently (or perhaps not at ...

iq by Community Member
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Hot water coming on randomly

My hot water comes on randomly. We have it switched off and on ii comes. I hz e noticed that the water cymble at the bottom of the thermostat shows orange. Can you help

Allany by Community Member
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Nest Hot water heating problem

I have just recently had installed a Nest Thermostat and am having issue i believe with the thermostat and my installer . Can some one confirm that I have understood what should be happening in relation to my hot water only please .Picture 1- hot wat...

IMG_0181.JPG 3bbf979a-e6c7-4ebd-8031-5e8f9ba178eb.JPG
Macca241- by Community Member
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Nest thermostats

Hi could some explain how to set heating schedule manually? I have tried sliding temp and times and setting but it doesn’t necessarily turn o off or on at set times . Do you have to do something in between set times to make it turn off ?Thank you

MEO by Community Member
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Morning, I have noticed for the first time that my Nest Thermostat shows that my hot water is on but does not glow orange. It is the first time I remember this happening. All I have done is alter the hot water heating schedule slightly to reduce the ...

Simkar by Community Member
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Best themostat H71

Hi. We’ve had Nest up and running faultlessly for over 3 years yet this morning the thermostat disconnected from the heat link so no heat. Followed prompts on thermostat to reconnect. Struggled but eventually reconnected but it’s dropped connection a...

Dclhg1 by Community Member
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