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Nest Thermostats

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Trouble Connecting to Nest Service

I'm receiving a message that I cannot connect to the Nest Service using iOS 15. I get logged in, then am booted out after a few seconds. I've reset my network services on my home router, power cycled it (my network does not require this but I did it)...

Nest learning thermostat heat link dead

My heat link for my nest learning thermostat has died no lights to restart at all. Had the product 1.5 years and no recent electric or boiler work. No power cuts and all house circuits working and on as normal. Just seem to die. Have an h71 error on ...

Nest 3rd generation heat link

My nest thermostat is coming up with an error code H71. I had a heating engineer come out to look at this today and they advised their is no power coming from the heat link? Iv seen this is a common fault from other customers and wondering how I can ...

Nest heat link

My heat link is completed dead, no lights, not responding at all, fuses/sockets checked. I can't turn on the heating manually without the heat link responding. What do you suggest?

Suts by Community Member
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Unable to Find W-Fi Network TD004 (0.65)

Thermostat was able to connect to my previous router. When I upgraded to a new router the thermostat is unable to find the wi-fi network. The error on the app is TD004 (0.65). I have done the following:Factory reset on thermostatReset wifi routerRese...

bbohnson by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Heat Link seems to have died

Hi, I seem to be having a issue on one of my gen3 heat links(I have two zones).As of about 2 weeks ago no lights on one of the heat links, no error on the linked nest though.I have cycled the power to the device, the heat link lights up briefly, yell...

richt87 by Community Member
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NEST THERMOSTAT /// WIFI reconnection

I need my NEST THERMOSTAT RECONNECTED. I changed INTERNET PROVIDER to AT&T and GOOGLE SUPPORT PERSONNEL cannot remedy. Model: GA01334-US SKU: 6427015 Purchased: 03/27/2021

LoneWolf by Community Member
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App not online

Hi there, I'm moving this thread to the Master thread as this is a duplicate topic.

GarrettDS by Community Specialist
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