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Just received a replacement thermosat as my old one couldn't find any wifi connection. So I connected the new one to my exiting heat link and I've lost the option for hot water on the app, as i have a combi boiler. My old thermosat worked fine on the...

Haroon by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Wifi Connectivity Issues

I've had 3 different Nest Thermostat units. All of them work fine out of the box and connect to the wifi with no problem. They've all worked fine for some amount of time and then randomly lose their connection to my wifi. They won't reconnect or even...

buckjw by Community Member
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W5 code and issue

We have a W5 issue with our upstairs thermostat. Have tried all of the suggested troubleshooting tips but nothing has fixed the problem. Coming into the colder autumn months now and would quite like to have a working thermostat if possible. Anyone ab...

CDJ by Community Member
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I just installed a new nest learning thermostat. When running AC, the cooling will not kick on. The Fan works when cooling is on and when just fan is on but the air does not cool down when cooling is on.

Thermostat e locked unable to connect to app

Hi, Just moved into a property with a Nest Thermostat e that is locked. I do not have the previous users details or pin. Cannot connect to the app as I presume the wi fi settings are not the same as mine but cannot change anything as the thermostat k...

sisgen by Community Member
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Is Nest Thermostat Model GA02081-US compatible?

Looking at a great deal for Model GA02081-US, but still can't figure out if my wiring is currently compatible. Any help is greatly appreciated! Not sure why some colors not showing properly.

192UB1987 by Community Member
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