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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Adding a second thermostat

I am trying to add a second thermostat and have been unable to. I’ve reset the thermostat several times. I made sure all devices are on the same WiFi . Anyone have any suggestions. I’ve tried this for several days and very frustrated . I have one alr...

lisamarie by Community Member
  • 18 replies
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Broken Nest Heat Link

Hi one of my heatlinks , seem to have broken on Sunday ( we were away on holiday , so can’t be sure of date) I have a heatlink for the downstairs of my home , and it’s working fine . I have gone through all the steps recommended rectify problem , hol...

Jackihunt by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest Thermostat Error H72

Hi there, I've followed all as many trouble shooting things as possible but im still not able to get my theromostat or heatlink working again. The heatlink is totally dead. Thermostat displays H72 error. Any help would be wonderful. Cheers

fawds by Community Member
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Heat link, Lost power. H71 Error showing

Hi. My heat link stopped working on Sunday and the thermostat is showing a H71 error. I've tried holding manual button on for 20-30 seconds but still no leds lighting. The boiler is working correctly as upstairs runs independently from the Nest. I th...

Chris1000 by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Heat Link Broken

Hiwoke this morning to find the Nest Thermostat had disconnected and was displaying a spanner and screwdriver picture. Went to the Heat Link to find it was not powered up. I have attempted both soft and hard resets, checked circuit breakers and can a...

AndyR1867 by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Grouping Nests

I have 17 separate thermostats. It’s a pain to have to set each one to “vacation” mode when leaving for a few days then reset when returning. Is there a way to control all or some Nest thermostats as a group, rather than have to reset each one indivi...

SteveJ by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest thermostat not having power E298

We have had the nest thermostat for a few months and last night, all of a sudden stoped working. The thermostat turns off. Have to pull the face of the thermostat off and then attach again for it come on and give us a no power message E298

Temperature sensors

We just purchased a new home and the previous owners left us a house with everything nest. When I try to add the sensors to my account it keeps saying attached to another account. I have taken the battery out to reset with no luck. How can I factory ...

Kyky by Community Member
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Nest wiring

Nest t-stat plate doesn’t have enough R locations . I have one for heat and another for cooling. Should I just return and get the learning T-stat?

PaulieD by Community Member
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