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Really not enjoying the nest thermostat, it doest have a boost option and the thermostat is only stating that the indoor temperature is significantly higher that it actually is. The true temperature could 12 degrees but the thermostat says it 22, mea...

BigDuey by Community Member
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Old electric furnace, no HVAC, trying to install Nest

I am trying to install a Nest thermostat to replace a four wire installation on my electric furnace. The furnace is very old and I can connect up the wiring to the nest but the heat will not come on. I have independent control of the fan though. Any ...

Lchrisns by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

I wish to install a nest at a cabin. The HVAC has a c wire. Does the nest Have to have the triple a batteries?I turn the heat off in winter, but go up occasionally and need the WiFi capability to turn the heat on before I get there. Batteries and min...

Doble wires Nest Termostat

I have an issue connecting the Nest thermostat. Can you pls help me with the wiring? That is my old wiring. The issue is W1/B/O (has 2 wires in one socket) and C (has 2 wires in one socket). For reference - my old thermostat datasheet.Quastions:Old G...

IMG_1793.jpg fmt24-hp21-2s-fp-prog_sci.jpg

Nest Heat link not working

Nest Heat Link is completely unresponsive No LEDs, manual mode not working when button is pressed.Got a H71 (connectivity) error on Nest thermostat and have tried all troubleshooting solutions on other threads.Have tried holding button for 10/20/30 s...

allanfps by Community Member
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Low Battery - no wifi

Nest Leaning 3rd get -battery at 3.74V - tried to charge with micro usb - 3 hrs - green light blinking the whole time.Reinstalled the unit - battery still 3.74 V. Unit still maintains temperature and schedule but will not connect to wifi.Done most of...

Terrancer by Community Member
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3rd Gen Heat Link - no lights

Hi,I have had my Nest 3rd Gen since Jan 2020 (from Amazon) and the heat link has just failed. there is voltage present at the heat link but no lights and no connection from the thermostat to the heat link. How do I go about getting it replaced???Cons...

Butch10 by Community Member
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Furnace not turning on after factory reset

I just moved to a new apartment with a Nest learning thermostat, 2nd generation. It's connected to a forced air heat system (I believe gas powered). We've been here for a few weeks and it and the furnace had been working fine (heating the apartment)....

Stevo1295 by Community Member
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