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Nest Thermostats

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Wiring my new nest thermostat

Wiring on my current thermostat is as follows: C-blue, rh- red I have a jumper between rh and Rc, w/2 black, g- green, y-yellow, and w/e white. How would I wire my new nest learning thermostat:Thanks in advance fir any help you can provide

Nest is stuck on logo screen.

Nest was already installed and working fine for about 3 months. Then it lost wifi, followed by ligo screen only. I have reset it. I have taken it off the base and charged it overnight. Since it still would not change, i tried charging with a differen...

Nest Thermostat E - Not connecting/W5 Error

Hello!My thermostat E is no longer connecting to WiFi. I cannot connect it to try and do an update. It is showing the W5 error. I have restarted, reset and checked everything. It still will not connect. It won’t even bring up any networks. Tried typi...

Beavs14 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen Replacement

I have completed all steps in the interactive troubleshooter. Neat thermostat will not find any WiFi networks. I need a warranty replacement please.

rsbmg by Community Member
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Themostat problmes

HOw do I rip it off the wall and find someone who works for nest who's ass I can shove it!

Nest thermostat temperature issue

We have been setting our nest at 71, it has been about 76 degrees in our home, however the nest states the current temp is 70. Therefore, the AC is barely coming on, I’ve tried resetting it, and the same thing keeps going on.

Resolved! Is temperature sensor seriously not wiith new Nest

I’m trying to add a Nest Temperature Sensor to the new Nest Thermostst I just bought. After trying google troubleshooting, which was useless, I went to google nest community and learned that the sensor is not compatible with the thermostat. Is that t...

MarkR by Community Member
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