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Nest Thermostats

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HeatLink (Nest E) 3 wires

Good evening,The only Nest E i installed so far replaced a 2 wire thermostat and it was the same model as on Google tutorial video so it was very easy.  I now have to install another one to replace a classic - no-progam thermostat with 3 wires labels...

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Arno by Community Member
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Heat Link not working at all - no heating!

I have an issue with my heat link which seems to be a common problem! No power - only 2 yeras old and has worded perfectly up until now! very dissapointed. I have followed all suggestions and even got a professional to check and there is power to the...

RSweetman by Community Member
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Google Next Blinking Green Light

Green blinking light - tried fixes - reattaching to base, holding down display for 10 seconds, plugging it into a wall via usb. On phone app simply says it's offline. What do I do next?

drufo by Community Member
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New nest thermostat S plan system

Just installed a S Plan system with a nest thermostatLive Common to 2 and 5CH on 3HW on 6When creating a demand for CH Both 3 and 6 are liveWhen Creating a demand for HW both 3 and 6 are liveAny ideas?pls don’t reply if you don’t know what your talki...

Curtis1 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

I have 3 zones in my house. I installed the Nest Learning Thermostat on the Maine floor. I left the 2nd floor and basement “dumb” thermostats in place. The Nest works fine now, but the other two show they have called for heat, but no heat is turning ...

Wiring question

Hello,I live in a building with 60 apartments. There is one common heating furnace. Ther is no cooling, heat only. Heating is forced hot water baseboard radiator. There is a valve on the hot water pipe. There are only two wires at the thermostat. Whe...

Howard50 by Community Member
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Nest e won’t hold the battery charge.

I have a nest e. And it doesn’t want to hold a charge. I have to take it off base to charge but then mu cooling unit stops working and it’s hot here in Florida. How do I change battery and how do I get one?thanks

Taxman by Community Member
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Nest 2020 thermostat issues.

I installed a 2020 and got error code E260i temporarily ran a C wire, re-programmed and the E260 disappeared and was replaced with N254i took a pic of the system schematic that I made…Any suggestions


Need assistance with connecting wires new Nest thermostat

On my old thermostat W1 and Y terminals were jumped and hooked to yellow wire.I also had a White wire connected to O terminal.How should I connect yellow and white wires on my Nest thermostat ?I have tried to connect white wire to W terminal - Nest g...

Igork by Community Member
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