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Nest Thermostats

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I have some problems with my thermost

En mi casa el ventilador está separado de el termostato, y no se como llevarlo al nuevo E nest y que todo quede en el mismo sistema, me pueden ayudar a saber cómo conectarlo?

Pipesebas by Community Member
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Thermostat can’t connect to wifi

Our nest thermostat has been fine for the past year, but recently came up with the message “Your thermostat has a problem and is unable to connect to Wi-Fi.” Our wifi is really strong in this room and we have tried to reset etc as interne...

Alexhmk86 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Only 6 characters code

The Nest app won’t accept my entry key. Appears it wants 7 characters, mine only has 6.

Osvee by Community Member
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Nest app shows orange color even when thermostat is off

Hi my nest thermostat/app is been working fine for 5 years, yesterday tried heat for the season.There’s a strange issue that never happened before: one of the zones shows orange on the phone app even when the heat if off?? Although the thermostat and...

Yepjimmy by Community Member
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Error E260

I have 3 thermostats in my home. I have successfully installed 2 but the 3rd thermostat is giving me the error E260 and stating No power. I have followed all recommendations of removing the C wire and tried moving the W wire to the OB slot. no succes...

NEST compatibility

Hello . I want to buy nest thermostat and i want to ask if nest will be compatible with my existing wiring. I uploaded a photo of my current thermostat.

pgl by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat furnace short cycling

I just installed the thermostat and I have c wire correctly installed. The furnace will heat for about 6-7 mins and then cycle down and cycle back up to heat again for another 6-7 mins. It won't reach the desired heat setting in one cycle. There are ...

richmaz by Community Member
  • 18 replies
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google nest e stuck on white house icon

Thermostat google e stuck on small white house icon, unable to connect nest app with thermostat, had identical issue few months ago with brand new google e thermostat, we tried everything you suggested at the time and it had to be replaced finally fo...

francesc by Community Member
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