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Nest Thermostats

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Resolved! Nest thermostat wifi issue with horrible customer service

I purchased nest thermostat 2 years back and I was happy with it. However, all of sudden it stop working with wifi and it cannot find any wifi. I have tried all to fix the issue but nothing worked (restarting, factory reset, charging, router reset et...

Koyo by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat No WiFi

My Next Thermostat is no longer connecting to WiFi. Every other Wifi device in my house does fine but the Nest doesn't find any WiFi signals anywhere. I have reset it all the way back to factory with the same results. Please help!

Nest thermostat changes ac to 72 even without schedule

I want my ac temp sometimes at 74 or 73 and set it to that. I go to work and come home to find it is back at 72 and my ac runs much more than I want it to. I have been changing it and changing it. I took it off learning mode not long after having it....

LYNDA by Community Member
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Frozen download screen

Please help. I have had a replacement thermostat E sent by Google as the first one would not connect to anything and it connected to my WiFi straight away, then I connected my heat link, set everything up, then turned the power back on after putting ...


my thermostat is control panel reads black. it is set to a temperature, gets close, and then shuts off before it reaches the temperature and it's hot again. so frustrated with the next thermostat and door bell. both trash as far as I'm concerned. and...

debb by Community Member
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How do you get the Heat on from cool when you have two options cool or off? Is this the wrong thermostat

Angela by Community Member
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