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Nest Thermostats

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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Nest Thermostat problems

Here are some steps I recommend to resolve issues during the setup of Nest Thermostats.Before trying these stepsMake sure you're using the correct app for setup. Need help checking which model you have? Use the Google Home app to set up the following...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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Scheduled temperature changes not working

Visiting my folks in town and they have a Nest Thermostat. It seems to work okay if you manually adjust the temp, but if you set a schedule for when it should start warming up in the morning, it doesn't appear to work. Can someone advise?

Stevord41 by Community Member
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delete old phone

can not reset my nest password as verification message is sent to my old phone which I no longer have,please help with this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Resolved! w/e and w2 jumper wire

I have a geothermal heat pump with backup electric coil heat and two stage compressor. The old thermostat has wires to C, O, W/E (with jumper to W2), Rc (with jumper to Rh), G, Y, and Y2. I understand that the jumper is not needed for Rc to Rh as the...

Ozarkham by Community Member
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I can’t seem to find the air conditioning lable

I have a heat pump furnace . I have green red blue and white wires. I can’t seem to find how I hook up for air conditioning. my wires are connected as suchgreen is on yellowred is on redblue is on greenwhite is on whiteit turns heat on but I can’t fi...

Rickeyg by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat wiring

Hi,I am trying to replace TopTech TT-P-411 by Nest Learning Thermostat. I have connect as follows:Yellow in Y1Green in GRed in Rh (In TopTech Rc and Rh are connected)White in W1It is still not charging up and saying thermostat need to shut down to ch...

Thermostat Nest

Hello everyone, I have a Viessman gas boiler and I would like to install the Nest connected thermostat with the Heatlink box. everything seems to be going well but after a few minutes of starting my boiler indicates a bC fault which corresponds to “a...

Nest Third Generation Thermostat

I have a 3rd generation Nest Thermostat and occassionally, the "wake upon approach" feature ceases operation and sometimes the wifi becomes disconnected. If I remove the thermostat and charge it with an external charger, the problems are solved. I do...

Gary22 by Community Member
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Nest Hardware issues - Google ignoring

I have been in touch with Google for issues relating to my Nest device for over two months. The nest and heat link all worked last winter, but when I tried to turn the heating on this autumn the thermostat had disconnected from the heat link. I tried...

Anony123 by Community Member
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