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Will nest work with gas fireplace 2 wire red and white

replacing a thermostat that is battery operated. I have a 2nd gen nest thermostat. i can buy from amazon a 24 volt 2 wire that could power the thermostat. But how would i wire with the red and white cable going to the fireplace?

hjohn by Community Member
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Heat pump versus furnace display

Hello to all from Montreal, new owner of a Nest and I love it. When the heat is on, I can see it with the display being orange, but what would be nice is to have a separate color to tell me if it's the heat pump which is on or the main furnace. My Ne...

FXRS by Community Member
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Wired up wrong?

I have a new gas system boiler with 3 zones controlled by Nest thermostats (installed by a heating engineer and an electrician). Two zones are wired in (upstairs and downstairs) and the kitchen is via USB (there is a forth 'on demand' zone for the to...

Heat link is dead

Hi, my heat link has died. There power supply is fine but the thing is dead as a dodo. I am a gas registered heating engineer and fit these for a living so I know what I'm doing before you send me a list of things to check. How can I get a new one pl...

Baino by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat issue

I have a new Gen 3 Nest Thermostat and am finding that even when I have the Heat set to 68, it reports (and heats) well past that, often into the upper 70's (currently shows 78!). The new Nest was part of a Heat Pump replacement, but it seems it's no...

kf6spf by Community Member
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Nest thermostat / heat link

I have had so many issues with my heating over the past few weeks for example 1) radiators not coming on despite the thermostat saying the heating is on 2) will not work using the nest app and 3) heat link manual override not working etc. I have read...

TCO by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest compatibility with Zoneaire unit

I recently purchased a new home that came with a Friedrich Zoneaire heating/cooling wall unit in one of the rooms. I looked at the front of the unit (model PZE09K3SB-A) and it appears I may be able to wire it to my Nest thermostat from my old apartme...

PXL_20230108_171051619.jpg PXL_20230108_164916038~2.jpg Screenshot_20230108-200938.png

Thermostat offline

Hello, I've had my Nest thermostat for about 4 months with no issues. For no apparent reason, it went offline 2 days ago. I have tried all the trouble shooting suggestions to no avail. It is unable to find my network. I've reset my modem and router, ...

mjsmom by Community Member
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