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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat 2020

Just installed a new Nest Thermostat 2020 and have one simple request of the thermostat! I want to hold a temperature let’s say 69 degrees for infinity or until I change it myself. The only way I was told is through the eco setting but the cooling on...

John2 by Community Member
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Just moved to a flat with Nest

I have three different Nest set uip in bedroom, bathroom and living room. I can only get app for bedroom and don't know how to control the other two

Tessav by Community Member
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Anyone have any ideas how to get some help from Google?

I had a Nest replaced by Google nearly 5 months ago. They were supposed to send me a refund for the cost of a local engineer who replaced the Heat Link. After about 3 months a physical cheque finally arrived, I deposited it into my account that day. ...

GavinHuss by Community Member
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Dead heatlink

Hi all. my heat link seems to have died as there are no lights present on it at all. There is still voltage at the incoming mains and we still have hot water, but we cannot get any heating at all now! This is now becoming a problem and was wondering ...

Nest Thermostat Display is Frozen - Restart Doesn't Work

Purchased the Nest Thermostat in 2014. Worked fine all this time until my wife adjusted the schedule in October 2021. Display is frozen, toggles back between home screen and menu screen, but cannot adjust the temperature or choose any options from th...

migueld by Community Member
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Learning thermostat

Hello. Is there a maximum number of learning thermostats that can be installed in one dwelling? I have a home that has 22 heating zones. Thank you.