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Nest Thermostat 3th Gen, times 3

My question is this. I need to know if i can use the App to set the thermostats from Florida, the 3 units were installed in NY by a tech and are up and running with a fix temp of 55, but they are not setup in the App as i am in Florida for the winter...

Portuga by Community Member
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Problemas con el password

Hello, good afternoon, I have a problem. I bought a nest thermostat and someone gave me an access code and now I cannot enter to configure it. Does anyone know how I can return it to factory values?

Wiring issues

My old system has connections G, B, O, R, W, and Y. I am unsure where the red wire in B should go and where the white wire in O should go. Is the white in O a common wire (C)? Should the red B wire go into O/B?

BJM1 by Community Member
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Fan cuts off with a loud bang at times

After a cuple of month the fan starts shutting off at times with a loud bang. It started this just recently. I have switched back to the old thermostat to troubleshoot this. After reverting back it has not did this. I wanted to test the old before ca...

Magman1 by Community Member
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Thermostats stuck in eco mode.

For last few months I am expecting an issue with my 3 Nest "smart" thermostats.They are switching to ECO when I am not at home but when I return they also stay in ECO mode... If I want the heating to start I either need to wait (sometimes they would ...

Troubleshooting a Nest Thermostat

I will be amazed and grateful if someone can solve this one. At the moment I had to take down the Nest Thermostat and reinstall the ancient Carrier thermostat that came with the place. Here are the facts:1- Condo unit with forced air heat and cooling...

dukew123 by Community Member
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