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Nest Thermostats

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Inconsistent warm/cool air

Admittedly, I’m new to the Nest but it was installed by our builder in March during a remodel. It was working fine for a few months, then we shut it off in the summer (no AC) and now for the past month+ that we’ve been hearing the house, we’re having...

Delmgren by Community Member
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Nest not heating

Nest was working fine. Now it turns orange, calling for heat, but not sending signal to the furnace. Other zones not on nest working fine.

Stu by Community Member
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Nest 3rd generation heat link H72

Our thermostat is not working. We have hot water but the heating is not coming on the error code is H72. There is power going into the heat link however heating still not working. Cold night ahead. We tried all trouble shooting but nothing works.

Lou66 by Community Member
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Nest with Chinese Diesel Heater

I have finished installing a 5KW Chinese diesel heater in our sailboat. It works fabulous and it is really nice to have a warm cozy space. I am wanting to connect the Nest to control the heater in conjunction with the existing T stat. First thing I’v...

2nd gen Heat Link not working

My 2nd gen Heat Link has randomly stopped working. The boiler is on but there are no lights at all on the Heat Link. I've held down the button for 10 seconds and more, and no lights at all. Please help - It's cold and my son and I have no heating or ...

AKM by Community Member
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Nest with multiple zone

I'm looking to replace four older dial thermostats with smart thermostats. We have four areas of zone hydronic heating. I'm probably going to have them installed but I need to make sure I'm getting the right hardware. When doing zone heating can a si...

fmoacc by Community Member
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