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Heat link dead - how do I organise replacement in ireland

Hi All,I got a 3rd Gen Nest Learning ThermoStat and Heat Link as part of an Electric Ireland Deal in July 2019. The Heat link has gone completely dead, no lights, no reset working and their are no tripped switched on the fuse board. There hasn't been...

On/Off/Mid Peak Hours & Nest incorporating these rate differences

Will Nest thermostats start to incorporate the user's local on/off (& mid) peak rates in to its learning and scheduling functionality?I've noticed recently after removing schedules from Nest as well as precooling/scheduling and running automations th...

Screenshot 2023-07-14 012039.jpg
HansWT by Community Member
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Rush hr issue

I've joined the rush hr program. I have on demand plan with aps. 4-5 are on peak hrs. I have my thermostat set to 90 during those 3 hrs to make sure AC doesn't go on.I live in AZ where temps the next 2 weeks are between 112-118 degrees. I pre cool to...

Lbkittypac by Community Member
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NEST E Thermostat on Top Floor AC not coming on.

The AC is not working on the upstairs Nest E Thermostat. It is working fine on the 1st floor of my home. I called and they had me swap the Yellow and Green wires, but the AC still did not trigger upstairs. I found the experience unhelpful and could t...

Krlindie by Community Member
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Cooling schedule not working

Hello, my nest thermostat is not cooling per my set schedule. At 430pm it should begin cooling from 80 degrees to 76 degrees but when I arrive at home it's still showing 80+ degrees as ambient inside temp. Screenshot of my schedule if there is someth...

Kavan by Community Member
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Resolved! Unenroll Rush Hour Rewards

I NEED to unenroll Rush Hour Rewards. i called my provider SCE and they said I need to contact thermostat company and they gave me the contact number 855-469-6378 which is no longer in use. So I contacted via online and I am holding like almost 30 mi...

eiphyoe by Community Member
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Tstat not sensitive enough

The AC stays on too long and house gets too cold. And after it finally shuts off the AC the house gets too warm before it turns on AC again. Seems like the tstat is not sensitive enough. What to do?

Bob77 by Community Member
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Nest Wiring spots

My existing thermostat has spots for "Rh and Rc" and are both used. The new Nest only has an "R"Can I not use this Nest with my system? 


W5 error no customer support.

Our nest thermostat had been working flawlessly for >1year. It disconnected from our Wi-Fi in May 2023 and can’t be reconnected. Have done all rest steps to Wi-Fi and to thermostat. Nothing helps. I can’t find a way to contact customer support. To wh...

DaveP0953 by Community Member
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