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Transferring ownership?

I am selling the house with the Nest thermostat. If I delete it from my account, can the new owners use it and connect it to theirs? Will the thermostat continue to work?

S1eph by Community Member
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Not cooling

Our nest thermostat is not cooling.We had some people working on our accordion doors they had the door open for a couple of hours and now it’s 79° in my house and I have lowered the temperature but can’t get it to kick on. I just restarted the thermo...

QR code & set up code unavailable

My nest thermostat has already been mounted on the wall so I cannot see the QR code. Also there is no set up code. I am trying to add it as a new device. What should I do?

Amanda530 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat compatibility with Taco 571 zone valve

I have a gas-fired hot water system with 4 zones. The zones utilize Taco 571 zone valves. There is a Taco SR501 that controls the boiler and circulator, so the thermostats are wired directly to the zone valves, not through a Taco controller. I want t...

jammy1954 by Community Member
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I'm held hostage by my own thermostat. Asimov would be proud

Even though I turned off all "smart" options like schedule and eco and away modes, my thermostat is randomly deciding to set the temperature to ridiculous settings that cost me a lot of money and turning my house into a giant refrigerator in the midd...

alonh by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Learning Thermostat Motion Detection

Is there a way to disable the motion sensor for my Nest Learning Thermostat as it is kinda annoying to have it lit up every time I pass by.

RE2 by Community Member
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Home Away not working as expected

I have had the 3d generation nest for years. Within the last few weeks it has been unreliable, not keeping the tsrget temperature. I restarted the thermostat and deleted the learned temperatures and it seems to have resolved. But Home Away is incorre...

Nesterr by Community Member
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Nest Heat Link broken - replacement ??

Situatie:- Google Nest Thermostat V3 show error message (see attachment) - Heat link has no light on (green/yellow/blue)I have turned off the power to the Heat Link for a few minutes and then turn it back on. Unfortunately the Nest thermosstaat shows...

Schermafbeelding 2022-07-26 om 13.27.18.png
Richard00 by Community Member
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